The Etsy Project

I (Jessica Goldblum on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017) am writing this blog post in direct response to Etsy’s request for proof that I design, hand produce and package my own products.  To satisfy this request, I have designed and manufactured the following products, specific to Etsy (as if they were my buying customer), to illustrate my capabilities.  These same products would be customized for whatever the customer chooses (wedding, corporate function, religious or charitable fundraiser, etc).  I design each wooden piece and its packaging around the customer’s corporate logo, emblem, wedding initials, school mascot, etc.. Here are three examples of the products I intend to sell in my WoodCharmer ( shop.

(PRODUCT 1) Wooden Event Souvenir KEYCHAINS (2 inch size) includes custom design & card packaging  – $3.75 each | including box packaging $4.25 each (sold in quantities of 25).woodcharmer-etsy-tree-keychain

woodcharmer-etsy-app-keychain(PRODUCT 2) Wooden Handbag and Lanyard CHARMS (1.25 inch) Wood type choices – Maple, Oak or Walnut.  Includes custom design & packaging – $2.50 each (sold in quantities of 25).woodcharmer-etsy-crafters-charm

woodcharmer-etsy-entrepreneurship-charm(PRODUCT 3) Beaded BRACELET with Wooden Jewelry CHARM (0.5 inches) Wood type choices – Maple, Oak or Walnut. Includes custom design & printed tag – $4 each (sold in quantities of 25).woodcharmer-etsy-charm-bracelet* Copyright disclaimer –  Etsy does not endorse these products, these products are not for sale they are for demonstration purposes.  The Etsy logos and icons belong to Etsy and are in no way affiliated with WoodCharmer.woodcharmer-etsy-product-rangeStep ONE – Here is where the process begins:  Product Development & Design

WoodCharmer-Etsy-Products-ArtworkYou will note that each product WoodCharmer sells comes with customized design and packaging.  I specialize in vector artwork.  While some corporate clients may have a logo, most of my customers will not have vector artwork to provide me with.  I don’t “auto-trace” designs, I hand draw the vector lines with my mouse or digital wacom tablet to create clean, smooth lines (for wood cutting) and crisp, clear engravings.  Where as Etsy had no direct input in the above designs, I typically work with my clients to propose several different designs, and modify them as needed, until the customer is completely satisfied with the artwork.

Step TWO – Wood Sourcing: Choosing the right wood for the project.

Workshop Room 1

I use laser machines to engrave and cut my wooden products.  Specialty woods are sourced for my small jewelry charms and keytags.

Bulk Wood Supply

I like to offer my customers an assortment of wood types like maple, oak, birch, walnut or cherry.

Step THREE – Material Preparation: Prepping the wood for a durable and brilliant product.

PRODUCTION STEP 2: Paint – Sand – Repeat! | Workshop room 2

I give the wood an extra special treatment that most laser cutters (even some found on Etsy) do not.  I paint each sheet of wood  – not once but TWICE with an indoor wood sealant.  The wooden boards are hand-sanded between coats for a smooth, brilliant sheen and lasting product durability.

Step FOUR  – Machining: Cutting and engraving the product.

PRODUCTION STEP 3: I ready the artwork in machine compatible format (vector) and laser cut my products.

My laser machine works with vector format artwork only.  The vector lines direct the arm of the laser cutter and instruct it precisely where to cut or how darkly to engrave at any given point.

Laser cutting and engraving does leave behind a residue of smokey resin.  While some projects look great with a rustic “burnt” look, I prefer a cleaner appearance for my products.

PRODUCTION STEP 4: I remove excess burn residue.

Step FIVE – Product assembly: Putting together the components.

PRODUCTION STEP 5: Product assembly.

My little handbag and lanyard Charms receive the addition of accent beads, a silver jump ring and a “lobster” clasp.

Product assembly.

My Keychains are fitted with silver jump rings, split rings and other accents, like wire work & beads.

PRODUCTION STEP 5: Component production.

Another component of my product is beaded “friendship” bracelets, these are what my wooden jewelry charms hang from.

Component production.

WoodCharmer (Jessica Goldblum) will be doing all design work (beading patterns) and prototype production of the beaded bracelets.  I have requested approval of a production partner to assist with the stringing of the beads.   Upon Etsy’s approval of AfricaIgnite! as a production partner, one – two members of their staff (depending on volume, and with whom I will personally meet to deliver prototypes) will string the beads according to my pattern instructions and braid the ends of the bracelet strings. I will finish the product by attaching our wooden jewelry charms with silver jump rings, as well as designing and attaching packaging.

PRODUCTION STEP 5: Product assembly.

Step SIX – Packaging: Designing custom product packaging.

PRODUCTION STEP 6: Packaging Design.

As mementos and keepsakes for events (like weddings or corporate functions), clients prefer packaging that portrays their theme, carries through their message, and thanks the recipient for being in attendance.  I custom design all artwork for the packaging.

Step SEVEN – Packaging: Packaging production.

PRODUCTION STEP 7: Packaging printing.
PRODUCTION STEP 7: Packaging – laser cutting.

My packaging production goes beyond just the print, I laser cut shapes to create boxes and cards with attachment points for showcasing the product.

Step EIGHT – Final Assembly: Putting the finished product together.

PRODUCTION STEP 8: Packaging – The finishing touches.

I assemble the finished product, together with its packaging and prepare the completed order for shipping.

woodcharmer-product-productionThanks for taking the time to learn more about our production process.  View an additional short video tour of my in-home workshop.