PTSA Fundraising Ideas for High School Class of 2018
High School Fundraisers

The Eagles Project

Wood Charmer is a School Fundraising Company offering you a fun and spirited way to raise MONEY for your High School
Searching for school fundraising companies that will design a custom package for your High School? The Wood Charmer is launching its Class of 2018 school fundraising campaign with a gift of 250 FREE Spirit Charms when you place your first order by Aug. 1st, 2017.

Hello, PTSA!  Thanks for taking the time to glance over my proposal. I know year-end is busy so I’ll just quickly touch on the highlights:

What is it: Class of 2018 SPIRIT WEEK fundraiser for your High School.

This High School Fundraising Idea earns your school money while raising your school spirit
Attn: PTSA your search for High School Fundraising Ideas has just landed the perfect solution for a “Back to School” kickoff fundraiser.

What’s for sale: School Spirit Bracelets in your High School Colors, and your High School Mascot engraved on wooden Spirit Charms -for backpack zips, lanyard clips and key chains.

Fundraising Ideas for High School - Our Spirit Week Bracelets and Charms raise Funds and School Spirit
Fundraising Ideas for High School: Maple and Walnut Spirit Charms for backpack zips, lanyard clips and keychains.

What do they cost: $4 for Spirit Bracelets, $2.50 for Spirit Charms

Wood Charmer's high school fundraisers are custom crafted for your school
Wood Charmer’s High School Fundraiser Spirit Bracelets and Charms are custom crafted with your school colors in Czech glass beads and your school mascot on a petite wooden charm.

How does your school benefit: With a retail price of $10 on the Spirit Bracelets and $5 on the charms, your school earns $6 per bracelet sold and $2.50 per spirit charm sold. (Merchandise is ordered in quantities of 250 pieces. Price includes DHL international shipping to your school).  We suggest making your items available to purchase as part of your Spirit Week festivities. From the pep rallies to the concession stand at the Homecoming game, they’re sure to be a welcome addition to your Spirit Week tradition among students, staff, proud parents, alumni and fans.

High Spirit Charms with your custom mascot = the perfect High School Fundraising Ideas for Spirit Week
Get students involved – A high school fundraising idea that raises money and school spirit!

Is this a meaningful fundraiser? Our bracelets are hand-beaded by Africa!Ignite, a World Fair Trade Organization member and an award winning rural development agency. Africa!Ignite’s beading program provides the crafts-women in the villages of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa an opportunity to participate fairly in the global marketplace, and helps ensure a sustainable living for them and their children.

Additionally, Wood Charmer is donating $1 for every Spirit Bracelet, and .50¢ for every Spirit Charm you purchase in support of Inspired by Nelson Mandela and led by Unicef, Schools For Africa is helping more than 30 million students in 13 southern African countries to receive quality education.

PTA Fundraising Ideas - Merchandise for sale at pep rallies and athletic events
PTA Fundraising Idea | Our Spirit Bracelets and Charms raise funds to support your school while appealing to students, teachers and proud parents. Sell them at the pep rallies, in the book store and from the concession stand at the Homecoming game.

Like more info: You can reach me directly at with questions. It would be my pleasure to ship samples to you for review, please email with your preferred delivery address and I will put them in the mail. Visit our School Spirit Week Fundraiser page to see more photos and details on our fundraising program.

High School fundraising events merchandise
Need merchandise for your school fundraising events? We’re sure our Spirit Bracelets and Charms will be a lasting addition to your SPIRIT WEEK tradition.

Thanks again for your time, our best wishes to the graduating class, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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