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High School Fundraising Company Wood Charmer Special Promotion
Wood Charmer is launching our School Spirit Project with a gift of 250 FREE Spirit Charms when your high school places their first order by August 1, 2017

ATTN: Class of 2018

Wood Charmer has a novel new and unique approach to fundraising, and we’re hoping you’ll agree, that this is not only a great way to earn money for your senior class activities but also a trend setting addition to you Spirit Week tradition.

Unique School Fundraiser Idea Spirit Charm Bracelets
Unique School Fundraiser Idea – Your mascot and varsity letters on a custom crafted charm bracelet. We call them SCHOOL SPIRIT BRACELETS. They’ll raise spirit, absolutely, but they’ll also raise money for your senior class.

Here’s what we’re proposing;
STEP ONE: email us ( a picture of your school mascot, varsity letters or emblem.  We handle all the graphic work to ensure every detail of your school mascot is clearly depicted on a small 0.5 to 0.75 inch charm that will hang for our hand-beaded, Fair Trade bracelets.  We’ll also design some larger (1.5 inch) wooden Spirit Charms, these are perfect for hanging on backpack zips, lanyard clips and keychains. We encourage designing a charm for both your mascot and your varsity letters.  We don’t charge a graphic design fee for this service, and it will allow you to offer a bit of a selection.

Wooden Spirit Charms for High School Fundraiser
This fundraiser idea is perfect for getting students, staff, proud parents, fans and alumni involved in showing their school spirit.

We use natural wood in our charms, and have a few various options of wood types available. The lightest in our range is maple, with little or subtle grain pattern, this is the best choice for mascots with a lot of detail.  Oak is a medium tone wood with rich color variances in the grain, making it the perfect choice for a rustic look.  Walnut is the darkest of the range, its sophisticated hues makes it an excellent choice for varsity letters.  All our layered woods have walnut at the core, allowing for deep richly contrasting “wood burn” engraving.

High School Unique Fundraiser Idea, Fair Trade Beaded Spirit Bracelet
Our Spirit Bracelets are unique, they are hand-beaded Fair Trade product from South Africa, accented with an artisan crafted wooden charm.

STEP TWO:  Select the Czech glass bead colors that best represent your school.  We’ll work with you to design a beading pattern that best suits your school’s style. Most high schools use a two color combination with black and white as accents.  You will also select the color of the embroidery thread that will be woven through the bracelet and out into the ties.   Two colored beads add an additional accent to the Spirit Charms.

High School Fundraising Idea Wooden Spirit Charms
Class of 2018 – Set a new and lasting trend for Spirit Week, SPIRIT CHARMS are a unique way to show school unity and spirit.

STEP THREE: Kindly place your order by Aug. 1st, 2017 to take advantage of our 250 Free Spirit Charms promotion.  This will ensure we have the time to custom craft your charms, hand-bead the bracelets in South Africa, and have them delivered to your school in time and on schedule for Spirit Week.

YOUR COST is $4 per Spirit Bracelet*
RETAIL the Spirit Bracelets @ $10 for a winning fundraiser!

YOUR COST is $2.50 per Spirit Charm*
The Spirit Charms will RETAIL @ $5

* Merchandise must be ordered in quantities of 250 pieces. Price includes DHL international shipping to your school.  We will provide you with sample pieces or photos prior to producing the full run of the ordered product.

STEP FOUR: Sell your School Spirit Bracelets to the Freshmen class, Sophomores, Juniors, of coarse fellow Seniors, staff, parents, alumni and fans at pep rallies, in the lunch hall or book store and at the concession stand during the Homecoming game.

High School Spirit Bracelets for Spirit Week
High School Spirit Bracelets – coming soon to a school near you.

We wish you a most successful fundraiser, and an excellent 2018 Senior Year.  Here’s a few fun facts about our School Spirit Bracelets:

♥ They are hand-beaded in KwaZulu Natal by Arfica!Ignite, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, providing an income to crafts-women in underprivileged rural areas.

♥ Wood Charmer donates $1 per School Spirit Bracelet you purchase, and .50¢ from each Spirit Charm to Unicef’s

Contact us at to see what we can custom craft for you.

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