Bobcat Mascot Charm Bracelet for Team Fundraiser
High School Fundraisers

The Bobcat Project

From JV to Varsity, athletics are the highlight of the high school years.  But it takes more than just the team to win it.   Disciplined, determined players and dedicated coaches are only half the equation.    A successful athletic team must have the sense of pride that can only come from the bolstering of an engaged and enthusiastic student body, proud parents,  and the support of an entire community.  A winning team (even when they lose) is a winning team in large part because of their fans.

High School Athletics Fundraiser Bracelets
Wood Charmer will custom craft your school’s mascot or athletics team emblem onto a School Spirit Bracelet. It’s the perfect way to raise funds while raising school spirit.

What better way to show your support, unite team spirit AND raise money for your various athletic programs than with custom School Spirit Bracelets.  These beaded charm bracelets can be sold at the pep rallies for students, in the book store or the concession stand at the event for parents and alumni.

Wood Charmer customizes our charm bracelets with your team colors and your team mascot
Our charm bracelets are uniquely crafted with your team’s color theme. Up to 4 colors of Czech glass beads can be combined in various patterns to suit your individual style.

YOUR COST is $4 per bracelet*
RETAIL these bracelets @ $8 – $10 for a winning fundraiser!

* US dollars, minimum quantity of 250  – Includes DHL shipping to your school. There are no design charges, and we will provide you with a sample piece or photo prior to producing the full run of the product.

Varsity Letters Charm Bracelet for Athletics Team Fundraiser
From JV to Varsity, from Water Polo to Soft Ball we can design a bracelet that perfectly represents your winning team.

Now, what if that sense of unity could extend beyond your campus.  Wood Charmer has partnered with Africa!Ignite, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, to support a proud and traditional team of artisan bead-workers in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  Your fundraiser is a big win for rural development in this region, allowing the crafts-women to participate fairly in the global market.

Hand-beaded Fair Trade Varsity Charm Bracelet
Hand-beaded in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, these charm bracelets provide a source of income for mothers and grandmothers in underprivileged areas.


25% of the purchase price is donated by Wood Charmer to support Education. For every School Spirit Bracelet sold, Wood Charmer donates $1 (U.S.) to Inspired by Nelson Mandela and led by Unicef, The “Schools for Africa” initiative supports quality education for more than 30 million children in 13 African countries.

Sage Creek High Bobcats Mascot Charm Bracelet
Laser engraved wooden charm custom crafted for The Bobcats of Sage Creek.

Contact us at to see what we can craft for you.

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