High School Fundraisers

The Pirate Project

1.  Our concept – School Spirit Bracelets
2.  Our hope – that we can reach high school students across the US and Europe through social media
3.  Our vision – a fundraiser that simultaneously raises money for your school AND for the benefit of education in underprivileged countries
But first, lets see if we can actually, – DO IT?

Wood Charmer opted to tackle a complex high school mascot, the pirate face emblem from Oceanside High contains a lot of detail to downscale into a 0.65 inch wooden charm.  Guess what? We not only did it, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result!

High School beaded charm bracelets with school colors and school mascot.
TEAM! SPIRIT! UNITE! Wear your school colors and show your school spirit with hand-beaded charm bracelets.

We seemed to have captured the essence of this fighting pirate mascot and coupled the rustic wooden charm with black, white and green Czech glass beads – in the spirit of their school colors.

Custom High School Mascot Wooden Charm Bracelet
Custom crafted charm for pirate mascot School Spirit Bracelet. Detail close-up of .65 inch laser engraved maple & walnut layered wood.

We’ve also managed to engrave Oceanside’s duelling sword emblem in two different “wood burn” tones, accentuating the letter O as it frames the pirate’s swords.

High School emblem custom wood charm beaded bracelet
Oceanside High School emblem engraved on a rustic wooden charm and stung with Czech glass beads in their black, white and green colors.

We then partnered with an award winning rural development agency to take advantage of their expertise.  We are proud to say our charm bracelets are hand-beaded in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa by Africa!Ignite, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization.  Beading provides an income for women who honor the Zulu heritage with their traditional bead-working craft.  Africa!Ignite provides them with support, enabling them to participate fairly in the economy and global society.

These charming School Spirit Bracelets are intended for sale during Spirit Week as a unique way to raise money for your school, Associated Student Body (ASB) or homecoming events.  It’s also a trendy way for students to show their unity and commitment.

These bracelets can be purchased in bulk at $4 each*

We suggest retailing them to students at $8-10 for a winning fundraiser

* US dollars, ordered in quantities of 250  – Includes DHL shipping to your school. There are no design charges, and we will provide you with a sample piece or photo prior to producing the full run of the product.

Spirit Week Charm Bracelets - High school mascot and school colors on a beaded charm bracelet
Both your high school’s mascot and letters (or emblem) will be engraved on a small wooden charm and strung with Czech glass beads in your school’s colors.

++ P L U S ++ Success for your school == E Q U A L S == Success for schools in Africa

This fundraiser reaches hands far beyond your school – WE’RE GIVING BACK 25%.  For every Spirit Bracelet sold, Wood Charmer donates $1 (US dollar) to SchoolsForAfrica.org. Inspired by Nelson Mandela and led by Unicef, The “Schools for Africa” initiative supports quality education for more than 30 million children in 13 African countries.

Contact us at info@woodcharmer.com to see what we can craft for you.

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